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Links - The News And Times Links - The News And Times - | Audio Posts - Saved Web Pages  Recent Audio Posts – Saved Web Pages Ukraine updates: UK warns of ‘significant’ Russian offensive – DW – 10/17/2023 October 17, 2023 WSJ News Exclusive | Ukraine Fires ATACMS Missile at Russian Forces for the First Time October 17, 2023 U.S. Attorney’s Office to retry 2 Maryland doctors charged in Russia conspiracy case October 17, 2023 Retrial for Maryland doctors accused of sharing private medical records with Russia set for November October 17, 2023 Why Russia is engaged in a delicate balancing act in the Israel-Hamas war October 17, 2023 Putin Speaks to Netanyahu Over Conflict with Hamas – Kremlin October 17, 2023 Poroshenko: Wagner signature behind Hamas attack October 17, 2023 Russia ready to help end Middle East crisis, Putin tells Netanyahu | Law-Order October 16, 2023 Kremlin says Putin briefed Netanyahu on talks with leaders of Iran, Egypt, Syria and Palestinian Aut